PSC & vCenter 6.0 Design Topology Decision Tree

Welcome 2017! Hope all is well with my readers. It has been a fabulous 2016 with great learnings.

Lately a lot of customers have reached out to me to help in planning their vSphere 6.0 setup(although 6.5 is already out and has awesome features which makes it a winner!).

These customers have a huge estate with a large number of vCenters and multiple ESXi Hosts. Either they are in a mode of consolidating them or re-designing them to have some sort of a CMA on top of it – That is a separate discussion altogether.

However in this post I want to point out a wonderful decision tree created by Emad Younis & Adam Eckerle at vSphere Topology Decision Tree .

This has been my advice to most of my customers planning for the 6.0 setup. Hope this helps!